The Benefits of Research Funds and Government Grants

Some people may see research work with rose-colored eyes and believe that scientists and medical researchers are making a difference with their newest discoveries and innovative ideas. Although it’s true in many cases, it’s also true that these advancements in medicine, science and technology wouldn’t have been possible without the donations and government grants the […]

Government Grants or Contracts: What is the Difference?

It is a very common question made by businesses, what is technically the difference between government grants or contracts. Essentially the difference has nothing to do about the dollar value or the type of entity applying for them or even the type of work that is to be performed. Rather, the difference has to do […]

Three Killer Mistakes in Government Contracting

Owners of small businesses from all over the U.S. sold over 83 billion dollars of services and products to the U.S. federal government in just the last federal fiscal year. Of that total, those businesses that are certified as 8(a) sold $10.3 billion in services and products.* If you are not as successful in the […]

A Short Introduction to Government Surplus Auctions

Government auctions are a huge business – one that the larger population doesn’t even know about. One might ask how this can be. After all, what does the government have that it would want to sell off? Well, the government has a LOT to sell off. What’s more, almost all of these items are sold […]

What Is e-Government?

Governments from all over the globe are embracing electronic government. In both developing countries and industrialized countries governments are putting critical information online, automating typical “red tape” processes and interacting electronically with their citizens. This enthusiasm comes in part from a belief that technology can boost government’s image. In many countries, citizens view their governments […]